Maui’s gas price lower than Hilo’s and state average

The average price of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline in Wailuku rose to $4.07 a gallon, but the price was uncharacteristically lower than the state and Hilo average prices in the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch released Thursday.

The Wailuku price was still up 3 cents from last week, 6 cents more than last month, but 30 cents lower than last year.

Breaking from the norm, the Wailuku price was lower than the state average price of $4.08 cents a gallon and lower than Hilo’s price of $4.09 cents a gallon.

The state average for regular unleaded was 4 cents more than last week, 11 cents more than last month and 2 cents higher than last year.

Hilo’s price was up 3 cents from last week, 9 cents more than last month but 16 cents less than last year.

Honolulu’s average price was $4.02 cents a gallon, up 4 cents from last week, up 12 cents from last month and up 10 cents from a year ago.

A factor in rising prices may be the improving economy, said AAA Hawaii Regional Branch Manager Liane Sumida.

“A big factor in what retail gas prices could be during 2013 will be the strength of the economy,” she said. “A better economy usually indicates rising prices, while a weakening economy usually displays lower prices.”

AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch is a weekly snapshot of gas prices. Prices are derived from fleet vehicle credit card transactions at more than 100,000 stations around the country and are the combined averages of last card swipe of previous day.