UH-Maui College enrollment slips

Enrollment at the University of Hawaii Maui College campus dipped by more than 300 students for the spring semester that started earlier this month.

UH-Maui College saw 3,980 students register, an almost 8 percent decline from spring 2012 enrollment.

UH officials attribute an overall 4.6 percent decline across all of its community colleges to the improving economy.

“We’ve experienced years of record growth and now we’re seeing it level out, which is what we predicted would happen,” Linda Johnsrud, executive vice president for academic affairs/provost, said in a statement. “Most of the enrollment decline occurred at our community colleges, which could be attributed to the upswing we’re starting to see in the economy. During the economic downturn, students turned to the community colleges for short-term training and now they’re re-entering the workforce.”

With the exception of enrollment growth seen at the University of Hawaii West Oahu campus and at Kauai Community College, enrollment at all other UH campuses either remained flat or fell from last spring.

Enrollment at all UH system campuses dropped by about 2 percent to 55,373 students, compared to spring 2012.

Here’s a look at each of the 10 campuses:

* UH-Hilo: 3,901 students enrolled, down 2.5 percent, or 102 students.

* UH-Manoa: 19,073 students enrolled, down 0.4 percent, or 82 students.

* UH-West Oahu: 1,937 students enrolled, up nearly 22 percent, or 344 students.

* Hawaii Community College: 3,238 students enrolled, down 9 percent, or 319 students.

* Honolulu Community College: 4,139 students enrolled, down about 4 percent, or 162 students.

* Kapiolani Community College: 8,060 students enrolled, down 5 percent, or 460 students.

* Kauai Community College: 1,370 students enrolled, up 3 percent, or 41 students.

* Leeward Community College: 7,144 students enrolled, down 2 percent, or 158 students.

* UH-Maui College: 3,980 students enrolled, down nearly 8 percent, or 328 students.

* Windward Community College: 2,531 students enrolled, down 3 percent, or 77 students.