A clean finish for wrestling team

First photo: Kamehameha Schools Maui wrestling team sophomore Kamanukea Gomes (from right) and senior Andrew Kahalewai paint over graffiti while Kenley Souza and Kawailehua Kualaau pick up trash during a community service project last week on a half-mile stretch of Omaopio Road above the Pulehu Road junction. “We chose this area because it is a road we use almost every day and see the trash lining the road all the way up,” said head coach C.J. Elizares, adding that he hopes the team’s effort will lead to greater community awareness about the problem of roadside trash and graffiti. Nearby property owners Kyle and Shay Smith of Hawaii Sea Spirits provided the team refreshments as well as paint and rollers to cover graffiti on roadway bridges. GP Roadway Solutions made available safety signs to help with traffic control.

Second photo: Nineteen wrestlers and three coaches participated. They found 11 deer carcasses, about 20 gallons of used motor oil and 14 tires and they filled 68 bags with trash picked up by hand.