Lahaina flagpole has ‘always been there’ but crashes down

The flagpole next to the cannons at Lahaina Harbor came crashing down Feb. 18, and efforts are under way to replace the landmark.

High winds blew down the wooden pole, which also had termite damage at its base, said Theo Morrison, executive director of the Lahaina Restoration Foundation.

It was fortunate that no one was injured, she added Friday. That area that the pole fell on is usually filled with tourists but inclement weather kept them away that day, she said.

Morrison did not know much about the history of the pole, though it is believed it may have been made from the spar of the rigging of a ship, based on rings on the wood. She did not know when it went up.

“It’s always been there,” Morrison said.

Clifford Corniel, Jesse Neizman and Anthony Steele from Lahaina Restoration Foundation cut up the pole and removed it.

Morrison said that the foundation will be leading an effort to replace the pole.

“We definitely want to put the flagpole back,” she said.