Task force would address Mala Wharf

State House committees Friday advanced a bill that would require the chairperson of the Board of Land and Natural Resources to convene a task force to examine the feasibility of redeveloping the collapsed pier at Mala Wharf.

“The pier at Mala Wharf represents a window into Maui’s past,” a House news release said. “Once designed to be a mighty commercial hub for the island, the historic landmark has weathered tsunamis and the constant breaking waves.

Currently, the decrepit state of the pier creates a safety hazard for the increasing amount of local fisherman and recreational visitors.”

The House Committee on Water and Land, in conjunction with the Committee on Ocean Management and Hawaiian Affairs, adopted the measure introduced by Maui Rep. Angus McKelvey, whose district includes West Maui.

Under the current version of the bill, the task force would consist of National Marine Sanctuary Foundation officials, two members of the Lahaina community, one member of the scientific community with expertise in marine wildlife, one boating enthusiast, one member of the Hawaiian cultural community, one member of the visitor industry and anyone else that the chairperson may deem necessary.