Traffic fatality closes South Maui highway

Police reopened Piilani Highway at about 8:20 p.m. Monday following a fatal crash that brought traffic to a near-standstill in South Maui.

Police spokesman Lt. Wayne Ibarra confirmed the fatality but had no other details.

Piilani Highway at Waipuilani Road was closed due to the traffic accident, according to a county announcement.

The crash caused a major traffic jam in South Maui, according to a couple of drivers who called The Maui News. South Kihei Road was tied up as well.

Kahului-bound traffic on Piilani Highway was diverted down Piikea Avenue; southbound traffic was sent to East Waipuilani Road.

Kathy Worley called The Maui News, saying she was stuck on South Kihei Road for two hours and had gone barely a mile in that time.

She was headed to the airport to pick up her husband, Jim. When she saw traffic slowing on Piilani Highway, the Realtor decided to get out of Kihei via South Kihei Road. However, by then, the road was tied up.

“We have not seen anything like this,” she said Monday evening. “It’s bizarre.”