Quacking people up

First photo: Haiku’s Ron Bass drives his Honda “Duckmobile” through Puunene on Tuesday morning after stopping by the Puunene Post Office. “I get quacked at a lot,” he said. “People ask me why, and I say, ‘to make people laugh.’ Kids especially, they a smile a lot.”

Second photo: Bass said that the plastic duck glued to the hood of his Honda Accord with 292,000 miles on the odometer also has been attacked by a chicken and filmed for national TV. Bass said he was driving by the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao when a chicken jumped out of the bushes and wiped the duck off its perch. “I used an epoxy this time so no more attacking chickens will knock it off,” he said. “I’ll never know if it was an accident or not.” Bass said he was parked in Paia when a television crew from “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” a reality show, asked if they could get some close-ups of the well-traveled duck.