Temperatures on rise in state

It was hot on Saturday, record hot.

The high temperature at Kahului Airport was 90 degrees, which topped the old record for the day of 89 degrees set in 1951.

Hilo set a record high Sunday with 84 degrees, which was higher than the 83 degrees set in 2004.

The light winds with sunny, dry conditions were conducive to “pretty high temperatures,” said Jeff Powell, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service on Monday.

“It’s the same conditions that can cause record lows,” he added.

Last week, Hilo, Honolulu and Kauai set record low temperatures. On Wednesday, it was 59 degrees at Lihue Airport in the morning, which was lower than the 60 degrees set for the day in 1956. It was a record low 61 degrees in Honolulu on April 2 and a record low 58 degrees at Hilo International Airport on the same day.

Conditions have cooled somewhat as light trades are returning, Powell said. The trades are expected to decrease during the week.

Today’s forecast is for sunny and hazy skies with highs from 79 to 84 degrees. Southwesterly winds of about 10 mph

will shift to northeasterly winds by late morning and afternoon. Tonight will be mostly clear with lows from 62 to 67 degrees. Winds are expected to be from the east, 10 to 15 mph.