Man arrested after vehicle strikes pedestrian following confrontation

A 42-year-old Wailuku man was arrested after a vehicle struck a pedestrian following a confrontation outside a Wailuku bar Tuesday night, police said.

Wailuku patrol officers were dispatched to the collision site in the 1300 block of Lower Main Street at 9:52 p.m., learning on the way that the pedestrian had been transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center, said Lt. Jayson Rego of the Criminal Investigation Division.

The victim, a 39-year-old California man, had walked with a friend from a hostel to a liquor store. They were walking back to the hostel and passing a bar when the victim got into an argument with a woman standing outside, Rego said.

The victim and his friend continued walking back to the hostel. A few minutes later, a sport utility vehicle pulled up to the victim and a man got out and got into a confrontation with the victim about the woman, Rego said.

He said the victim and his friend walked away. The victim started to run and the man got back into the vehicle and hit the victim from behind, Rego said. He said the victim fell into a fenceline fronting 1357 Lower Main St.

The driver revved the engine and drove away, Rego said.

After making checks at the bar, officers identified the woman who had argued with the victim, Rego said. Officers went to her residence on Momi Place, finding the sport utility vehicle and locating the driver, who was arrested.

The man hadn’t been charged Wednesday while police continued a first-degree assault investigation, Rego said.

The victim, who had been intoxicated, was treated and released from the hospital, Rego said.