Man on probation in ’12 abuse case

WAILUKU – A Molokai man who had already started domestic violence classes was placed on five years’ probation Friday for felony abuse of his then-girlfriend last year.

Ryan Dudoit-Polido, 21, of Kaunakakai had pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of first-degree unlawful imprisonment, as well as second-degree terroristic threatening and felony abuse by strangulation.

Dudoit-Polido was highly intoxicated and had a knife when he held the woman against her will in a tent Jan. 7 and 8, 2012, said Deputy Prosecutor Emlyn Higa. He said the felony abuse, which occurred a month earlier, involved Dudoit-Polido strangling the woman. She also reported prior incidents of abuse, Higa said.

Deputy Public Defender William “Pili” McGrath said Dudoit-Polido is now working and participating in domestic violence classes.

“Ryan is making excellent progress,” McGrath said. “He has stopped drinking beer, although he’s finally old enough, and has stopped smoking marijuana.”

Dudoit-Polido has good personal interaction skills, he said. “I’m sure he will succeed on probation and continue to be one of the relatively few employed people on Molokai,” McGrath said.

Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo said she appreciated the steps Dudoit-Polido had taken and his remorse.

She denied his request for a chance to keep some convictions off his record, citing some of the circumstances of the case.

In addition to threatening his girlfriend, Dudoit-Polido “sat on her, grabbed her and slammed her to the ground,” Loo said.

“You treated her like private property,” Loo told Dudoit-Polido. “She is not your private punching bag.”

Dudoit-Polido’s grandmother took the woman to get help and helped her report what happened to police, Loo said.

“I think it was a lot for your grandmother to turn in her grandson,” the judge said. “She knew right from wrong. Hopefully some of those values are coming down on you.”

Following terms of a plea agreement between the defense and prosecution, Loo ordered no additional jail for Dudoit-Polido. He was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to participate in substance abuse treatment.

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