OHA funding will support prenatal program at Molokai General Hospital

Molokai General Hospital has received a $133,232 grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to support the hospital’s Women’s Health Center’s prenatal program.

The program focuses on promoting prenatal care with an emphasis on the first trimester. Care is provided through group visits, allowing for combined medical appointments, education and support, a news release from the hospital said.

Incentives are offered for healthy behaviors, such as keeping medical appointments and attending parenting and preventative educational classes.

The hospital’s Women’s Health Center has provided family planning and prenatal care for the women of Molokai since 1985, the news release said. More than 2,500 pregnancies have been successfully managed by the center using the program’s unique midwifery model.

Certified nurse midwives see teens for family planning, through their childbearing years for prenatal care and deliveries, then on through later-life issues and menopause, according to the hospital website.

Since the inception of the Women’s Health Center, nurse midwives have been responsible for providing the majority of women’s heath services on the island, the website said. In addition, they provide the many families on Molokai the option of delivering their babies on their home island.