Probation for homeless man for terrorizing McDonald’s location

WAILUKU – A homeless man from the Wailuku area was given credit for nearly five months in jail and was sentenced to five years’ probation Wednesday for terrorizing a McDonald’s restaurant last year.

Kevin Page, 48, was sentenced after pleading no contest to first-degree criminal property damage and disorderly conduct. He also was ordered to pay $962.25 in restitution, according to a plea agreement.

The charges resulted from an incident on Dec. 21, when Page destroyed a sales computer and stand-up display case, which frightened young workers at the Kahului restaurant.

“I spoke with the manager and the fact is that most of the employees are young and this is their first job,” Deputy Prosecutor Justine Hura said to 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo. “He should be aware that he was intimidating and scaring the young employees, many of which are in high school.”

Sometime after Page had entered the restaurant, he was denied service, which Hura stressed was a right of the privately owned business. She said Page walked behind the counter and was asked to leave by the manager but returned later and offered to sell marijuana to an employee.

When he was asked to leave again, he became angry, swearing at the manager, pushing the computer off the counter and smashing the display, Hura said.

“Nobody should have to go to work and fear someone because he doesn’t like what is being told to him,” she said. “They’re watching a 48-year-old man have a tantrum and that is scary to them.”

Deputy Public Defender William “Pili” McGrath noted the case was one of the more unusual ones he has seen, calling Page “sort of an odd person.”

Page, who was characterized as having unusual religious beliefs, claimed he was staying in Mexico and seeking to renounce his citizenship, McGrath said. He said Page appears to have “certain psychiatric problems” but has refused to seek professional help.

After hearing the case, Loo followed the plea agreement and told Page he probably scared the “bejeezus” out of the young employees. She ordered him to have a mental health assessment and to follow up with any treatment determined by his probation officer.

* This article includes a correction from the original published on Saturday, May 18, 2013. The name of the deputy prosecutor was incorrect. The Maui News apologizes for the error.