Removal of debris from grounded vessels ongoing effort

The removal of the wreckage and debris of three vessels that were grounded Friday and Saturday by high surf off Mala Wharf in West Maui continued.

Parker Marine was hired by the state Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation to remove boat debris from the ocean and the shoreline and began work over the weekend, said Deborah Ward, DLNR spokeswoman, in a news release Monday afternoon.

Volunteers also aided in the cleanup, she said.

The status of the removal of the wreckage of the vessels as of today:

* Best Revenge, a 30-foot fiberglass sailboat: All that remains are two large pieces of hull and a keel, which will be floated out today by Parker Marine to a better location for removal and transport to the Central Maui Landfill. Ward said smaller pieces of the vessel were removed quickly Saturday by a crew from the Old Lahaina Luau.

* Caribou III, a 30-foot sailboat: Only the mast and the mooring gear (ball and chain) remain, which will be removed by Parker Marine when the surf subsides, Ward said. Most of the broken pieces were quickly removed.

* Triple Play, a 38-foot trimaran: Two of the three hulls

have been removed but pieces of the boat and foam have been scattered along a half-mile stretch along the shoreline, said Ward. Area residents have been picking up pieces and placing them up on the shore; a major cleanup will be needed to remove foam pieces on the beach, she said. The forward half of the main center hull is stored at a private residence and will be removed today by Parker Marine.