Woman gets prison for drug offenses

WAILUKU – After absconding from the Maui Drug Court program this year, a woman was sentenced Thursday to a 10-year prison term for growing marijuana on Molokai Ranch property.

Chantell Stevens, 27, had done well in the program of treatment and supervision before she relapsed on methamphetamine, said Deputy Public Defender Annalisa Bernard.

“She does appreciate the time she had in the program. She did learn from it,” Bernard said. “There’s still high hopes for her.”

When she was admitted into the program in November 2011, Stevens faced revocation of her probation for a reduced charge of second-degree commercial promotion of marijuana and possessing drug paraphernalia.

The charges stemmed from February 2008 when Stevens was camping without permission on Molokai Ranch property and growing marijuana, said Deputy Prosecutor Renee Ishikawa Delizo. She said that police confiscated 47 marijuana plants as well as supplies for growing marijuana.

Sentenced as a first-time drug offender in February 2010, Stevens was found to be using methamphetamine a few months later and didn’t follow through with opportunities for treatment, Ishikawa Delizo said.

She said that Stevens obtained the equivalent of her high school diploma while in Drug Court. But she had problems after she was released from a jail treatment dormitory, missing an appointment and being ordered to serve eight weekends in jail for dishonesty about personal relationships, Ishikawa Delizo said.

She said that Stevens dropped out of the Drug Court program Feb. 7, didn’t show up for a court hearing the following week and agreed to be terminated from participation in March.

Second Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza said that Stevens could change her life by consistently applying what she had learned in Drug Court.

“It’s not going to be easy, but good things don’t come easily,” Cardoza said. “You’re working against a fairly long history of substance abuse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change that.”