Woman involved in shooting is later treated for overdose

Police offered more details surrounding an incident in the Piihana Farms area of Wailuku where a Kahului man was injured from flying glass when the rear windows of his car were shot out Saturday morning.

The man was treated and released from the hospital for cuts, and a woman involved in the altercation was admitted to the hospital later for an apparent drug overdose, police said.

The incident began when the 36-year-old Wailuku woman was taken to her residence by the 52-year-old Kahului man, described as a friend, at about 9 a.m., said Lt. Jayson Rego of the Criminal Investigation Division. The man parked his car along the fence line at the intersection of North Market Street and Piihana Road, when two unidentified local men exited a black truck and approached.

The men began yelling at him, so he drove down Piihana Road with the woman as a passenger and into Piihana Farms. He was pursued and blocked in by their truck, Rego said.

Rego said the woman exited the vehicle and entered the pursuer’s truck, while one of the pursuers smashed the driver’s side window with a large rock, striking the man in the head.

The other pursuer stood behind the car and shot out the rear windows with a shotgun, Rego said.

The man managed to escape by accelerating around the pursuers’ truck. After arriving home, he was taken by a relative to Maui Memorial Medical Center, Rego said. He said the man was treated for a 6-inch cut to his left forehead area and was released from the hospital.

A few hours later, the female passenger was admitted to the hospital by family for an overdose of crystal methamphetamine, Rego said. Although she confirmed the friend’s statement and reported her bag being stolen by the men, he said she could not provide any more details due to her condition.

The suspects remain unknown, and police have opened an attempted murder and second-degree assault investigation.