7 workers suspended at MPD after probes

Suspensions ranging from one to five days were ordered for seven Maui Police Department employees as part of internal investigations concluded through May this year, police reported.

Five-day suspensions were ordered for a police officer for inappropriate conduct toward another employee and being untruthful and for an officer for sending threatening messages to an acquaintance and being untruthful during the investigation. Both incidents occurred in March 2012.

An officer was suspended for three days for failing to properly complete an internal investigation report on time in September 2011. Another three-day suspension was ordered for inappropriate conduct toward another employee in July.

An officer was suspended for two days and transferred for failing to properly report the custody of evidence in March 2012.

One-day suspensions were ordered for an officer who failed to properly report a motor vehicle accident in March 2012 and for an officer involved in a motor vehicle accident while improperly using a personal global positioning system device in November.

Police also reported handing down eight written reprimands, including ones to two employees who failed to keep their personal life separate from their professional life in a January incident.

The other written reprimands were for:

* Contempt of court for a personal matter in April 2010.

* Failing to enforce a protective order in July.

* Making derogatory and unprofessional comments about his supervisor in September.

* Hitting a parked vehicle in a motor vehicle accident in December.

* Reversing into a tree in a motor vehicle accident in January.

* Operating a patrol vehicle without a valid driver’s license in February.

An oral reprimand was given to an officer who hit a parked vehicle in a motor vehicle accident in December.

Eight complaints were not sustained, including allegations of inappropriate conduct in April 2011, harassing a neighbor in October, being at fault in a motor vehicle collision with a person in December, failing to complete a thorough and accurate investigation in December 2011 and committing abuse in disciplining his child in October. In a December 2011 incident, complaints were not sustained alleging that two employees treated a subordinate improperly.

The names of the officers were not made public.

People who wish to comment on the Maui Police Department or the actions of its employees may contact the employee’s commander or write to Chief Gary Yabuta in care of the Maui Police Department, 55 Mahalani St., Wailuku 96793.