Exhaust vent fire empties store

No injuries were reported in a smoldering exhaust vent fire that produced a lot of smoke Saturday morning from the Lahaina Safeway bakery, Fire Services Chief Lee Mainaga said.

Firefighters from three engine companies, a ladder company and a tanker responded to an 8:22 a.m. report of “lots of smoke” coming from the bakery, he said. Firefighters arriving at the scene minutes later saw “rapidly moving smoke” coming from Safeway bakery’s exhaust vent system.

Store employees and patrons were evacuated.

No flames were visible, but there was a fire above the bakery’s oven, Mainaga said.

The fire was extinguished at 9:28 a.m., and everyone was allowed back into the store, he said.

The blaze was contained within the bakery’s vent system, and no monetary damage was reported, according to Mainaga.

The fire’s cause was deemed accidental because of grease buildup in the exhaust vent catching fire from the heat of ovens.