Multiple abuser of wife gets 10 years

Prison terms totaling 10 years were ordered for a 44-year-old man arrested for again abusing his wife while he was released pending sentencing in an earlier abuse case.

Carl Hano was first arrested for abusing his wife in their West Maui home on Nov. 27, 2011, said Deputy Prosecutor Kenton Werk. She fled in a car to avoid further violence and was asleep in the vehicle when Hano “hunts her down, drags her out by her hair and chokes her,” Werk said.

Later the same day, Hano found the woman at Napili Marketplace and threatened further violence, Werk said.

Hano had pleaded no contest to first-degree unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, felony abuse by strangulation and abuse in that case.

After entering the pleas, Hano was released from jail on supervision on Feb. 28, 2012, court records show. When he didn’t show up for his sentencing a month later on March 28, 2012, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Before he was arrested in January, Hano threatened a farmer in Kahakuloa with a machete on April 21, 2012, and abused his wife in separate incidents at West Maui homes, police said.

He punched her in the face and threw beer bottles at her arm July 21 at a Kapalua residence, police said. On Aug. 30, while at a Napili home, Hano grabbed her by the hair and dragged her before punching and strangling her, impeding her breathing before he released her and fled, police said.

For those incidents, Hano had pleaded no contest to felony abuse by strangulation, abuse and second-degree terroristic threatening.

A plea agreement between the defense and prosecution recommended a concurrent five-year prison term for Hano.

But 2nd Circuit Judge Richard Bissen ordered that five-year prison terms for Hano’s 2011 case and his more recent abuse case be served consecutively for a total of 10 years.

Bissen noted that Hano had previously been sentenced to jail, probation and prison.

When he was released from jail after 60 days last year in his first felony abuse case, Hano should have followed court requirements and showed up for sentencing, Bissen said.

He said that at Hano’s age, most people are slowing down, but Hano seemed to be doing the opposite by committing other crimes.