Bail remains at $500K for man in alleged burglary and assault

WAILUKU – A 2nd Circuit judge Thursday kept bail at $500,000 for a Kihei man indicted on burglary and sexual assault charges.

Defense attorney Cary Virtue had asked the judge to reduce bail for his client Zdenek Behuncik, 60, to $25,000 for each crime or no more than $150,000.

“He doesn’t have any money for bail,” Virtue said of his client, who is originally from Czechoslovakia. “Mr. Behuncik, unfortunately, has been unemployed for the past few years.”

First Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rivera asked the judge to maintain bail for Behuncik, saying he “sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl who sleeps in the same bed as her mother.” He said that the defendant trespassed into a family’s home and was caught “penetrating a child” after midnight June 10.

Rivera also said that Behuncik was known as an alcoholic at his complex and lied to police about his substance abuse problem.

Judge Peter Cahill said that he was following the recommendation of a bail study in keeping Behuncik’s bail at $500,000. Following his decision, he determined that Behuncik was a “potential risk to at least the complaining party.”

Behuncik, who has been living in South Maui for the past four or five years, was arrested last week. His trial is scheduled for Oct. 7.