Maui’s propane storage gets boost from facility in Kahului

HAWAI’IGAS added 180,000 gallons of propane storage on Maui last month – a week’s worth of new storage, according to the company.

The storage expansion in Kahului, which brings Maui’s total storage to 900,000 gallons, is part of a statewide expansion, which will bring 540,000 gallons of new storage. When work on the Big Island and Oahu is completed, the company will have a more-than-30-day supply statewide.

The increase on Maui added a week’s worth of storage, bringing the storage capacity on the island to seven weeks, said Joseph J. Boivin Jr., spokesman for the company.

“Our increased investment in propane storage facilities and our ability to import bulk propane enables HAWAI’IGAS to mitigate any disruptions in production

from the local refineries,” said Alicia Moy, president and chief executive officer of HAWAI’IGAS. “Our customers can rest assured that at any given time we have adequate propane supplies in the state, and we have the capabilities to ship in more propane to meet customer demand.”

HAWAI’IGAS also maintains two propane barges with storage capacities exceeding 420,000 gallons each to transport propane between the islands as needed, HAWAI’IGAS said.

“Our customers rely on us to meet their propane needs,” said Mustafa Demirbag, general manager on Maui. “By significantly increasing our storage capacity at our Kahului facility by 180,000 gallons, we have improved our reliability, which is very important for our residential and business customers.”

HAWAI’IGAS is the state’s only government-franchised gas company manufacturing and distributing gas in Hawaii.