Summer PALS Ho‘olaulea has recipe for fun

FIRST PHOTO: Kula Summer PALS staffers Keallan Dowells (from left), Drake Onaga and Kamalei Medeiros perform a skit explaining how to make manapua. Their ingredients included rice and algebra homework. Each program site participating in the annual Ho’olaulea at War Memorial Gym on Friday represented a different country in the event themed “Aloha Aina,” or “Love the Land.” The Kula PALS program represented China. Organizers said that this year’s Summer PALS program provided services to 2,300 Maui children, with more than 2,000 participating in the Ho’olaulea.

SECOND PHOTO: Lokelani Summer PALS students perform the song “Party in the USA” while representing the United States in red, white and blue tie-dye shirts Friday.