The Maui News set to launch all-digital access next month

Readers of The Maui News will have even more ways to enjoy the island’s most comprehensive report of news and information when the newspaper launches its all-digital access on Aug. 1.

Subscribers of the print version of the newspaper also will be able to read a digital version of the newspaper directly on their computer, iPad or other mobile device. They can even access it on their iPhone.

Readers now can enjoy every article and every ad of The Maui News every day and everywhere. From Lahaina to Los Angeles, they now can stay informed about Maui from their lanai, another island, the Mainland or any place where they can grab a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The Maui News, delivered to you at the speed of light.

The new service gives readers an exact digital copy of the current edition of the newspaper. Every story, every headline, every ad – delivered through an interface that is easy to use and fast to download. will continue to offer subscribers the latest news and information about Maui as well as a digital archive dating back to 2008. Nonsubscribers will be able to view the beginning of each story. The app for the Apple iPhone will offer readers top headlines from the newspaper.

Current print subscribers can sign up for digital access on The Maui News website and download the app from the app store. Readers of The Maui News who do not have a print subscription can call The Maui News office to subscribe for both print and digital access or sign up for digital access only through The Maui News website.

“We are thrilled to offer an additional way for readers to enjoy The Maui News,” said Publisher Joe Bradley. “The new feature allows readers to take advantage of evolving technologies to enjoy the complete newspaper experience regardless of their location.”