Lahaina man arrested for theft faces more charges

A Lahaina man who was arrested for the theft of a visitor’s wallet is facing additional charges after he allegedly assaulted and threatened police officers and tried to escape.

Bail was set at $27,000 for Lucas Rauh, 24, after a judge ruled at a preliminary hearing last week that there was evidence to support charges. Rauh, who is also known as Leif Valdez, is charged with second-degree escape, first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, first-degree terroristic threatening, second-degree theft and theft of a credit card.

He was arrested Aug. 18 after a Chicago man couldn’t find his wallet that he had dropped while in Scoops Ice Cream on Front Street in Lahaina.

Police were provided with a description of someone who had been seen quickly leaving the store around the time of the theft. Shortly afterward, officers saw a man matching the description who was riding a skateboard.

When an officer stopped the man and asked for identification, the man began looking through cards in his backpack and the officer saw a credit card and driver’s license with the victim’s name, according to police.

Officers had handcuffed Rauh behind his back when he assaulted a police officer and ran, police said. Officers tackled Rauh and were walking him to a police car when he again ran and was tackled. Police said he made threats against officers.

Rauh is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in 2nd Circuit Court.