MECO warns of over-the-phone pay scam

Someone is calling Maui Electric Co. customers claiming to be a representative and directing them to pay their power bills over the phone to avoid any disruption of service, the electric company said Friday.

Maui Electric is alerting customers to the telephone scam, saying its employees do not call customers to request a credit card number or direct them to submit payments via another option.

Legitimate payment options include: by phone at 871-9777 (or toll free at 877-871-8461 from Molokai and Lanai), online at, via mail, or in person at MECO’s Kahului or Molokai business offices or at First Hawaiian Bank, Walmart or Western Union locations.

Customers should be suspicious of callers and never provide personal, confidential or financial information to someone on the phone. Telephone scam calls should be reported to police.