Reading opportunity gives back

FIRST PHOTO: South Korean student Hwan Haw, 17, helps 1st-graders Denali McGuire and Abcde Abac Hookano with reading Friday at Wailuku Elementary School.

SECOND PHOTO: First-graders Maile Libonati (from left), Sammi Kinoshita and Mia Kondo-Long listen to South Korean student Hannah Kim read a book. Twenty-five students from Goyang, South Korea, spent two days last week reading to 1st-graders in their sister city. The joint effort led by the Maui Global Youth Leadership Program and Read Aloud America allowed the visiting students ranging from 8 to 23 years old to practice speaking English, while educating younger students. The event is part of a two-week experience for the visiting students, who also learned leadership skills, Native Hawaiian culture and English.