Man complies with request for gential photo

A Honolulu man has complied with a court order to submit himself to police for photography of his genital area in a criminal case involving Web images sent to a police detective posing as a 14-year-old girl.

Matthew Goodman, 35, went to the Wailuku Police Station on Thursday to comply with the order, according to the Maui County prosecutor’s office.

The prosecution sought the photographs to compare them to images Goodman allegedly sent by Web camera showing himself masturbating. He allegedly transmitted the images on April 23, 2007, to someone he thought was the girl. Two days later, Goodman was arrested when he flew to Maui and went to Kalama Park in Kihei to meet the teenage girl, who was actually then-Maui police Detective Ken Prather, according to police.

Goodman has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree electronic enticement of a child, with his trial set for Nov. 11 in 2nd Circuit Court.

The prosecution said the photographs were needed to establish Goodman’s identity in the Web video.

Last week, Judge Rhonda Loo granted the request over objections by Goodman’s attorney.