Potential recruits test their skills

First Photo: Maui Fire Department candidate Grant Ramey of Oahu sprints with a hose bundle on his shoulder Saturday morning while tackling the department’s traditional obstacle course at Wailuku School Field. Ramey was one of 55 candidates who took part in the two-day physical testing that will help determine who makes the department’s 31st Recruit Class. The 30th Recruit Class is scheduled to complete its training Dec. 20, and no official date has been announced for naming the 31st. Other parts of the testing included a swim and run, carrying a hose bundle up five flights of stairs and climbing to the top of a 105-foot ladder. The obstacle course included firefighting endurance and strength skills like dragging and carrying hoses and moving a 175-pound “dummy” to safety.

Second Photo: Candidate Mayson Asano of Molokai drags a fire hose full of water as he nears the end of the obstacle course Saturday.