3,000 more jobs a year projected for Maui County

Maui County will enjoy a 15.1 percent growth in jobs during the current decade, with annual openings of more than 3,000 jobs during the period, according to projections in a state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations report released Wednesday.

That projected job growth from 2010 to 2020 by the county in the report “Employment Projections for Industries and Occupations” was the second highest in the state, behind Kauai’s 15.4 percent. The Big Island is projected to log a job increase of 14.8 percent and Oahu, an increase of 10.5 percent.

Although Oahu’s percentage gain is the lowest in the state, its total volume of job gains, 49,970, will account for nearly two-thirds of the total increase in statewide jobs in the decade, the report said.

A total increase of 11,110 jobs to 84,760 is projected in the decadelong report for Maui County. Annually, 3,010 openings are expected with Jobs most being replacements, 1,870, rather than new positions, 1,140, the report said.

Gains in the service-providing industries (trade, transportation and utilities; information; financial activities; professional and business services; education and health services; leisure and hospitality; other services and government) constitute 87 percent of total county job growth during the decade, and those industries will makeup four-fifths of the workforce by 2020.

More than half of the added jobs will be in the leisure and hospitality (16.4 percent growth) and trade, transportation and utilities sectors (19.4 percent). Only the information sector projects a decline (4.1 percent) for the decade.

Construction employment is expected to grow 30.2 percent to more than 3,500 jobs by 2020 – the best percentage among all of the sectors. Projected construction job growth helped propel a 15.4 percent growth in goods-producing industries, which also includes natural resources and mining and manufacturing.

The leisure and hospitality industry will have the largest portion of the total job market in Maui County in 2020, 27 percent, or 22,890 jobs, followed by trade, transportation and utilities, 19 percent (15,680 jobs), and education and health services, 15 percent (12,380 jobs).

Breaking down the data from an occupational point of view, more than 58 percent of job gains will be in the service, sales and related and office and administrative support categories in the decade. The service occupation sector alone will drive nearly 36 percent of the county job growth (about 4,000 total jobs) and will represent about one-third of the jobs in the county by 2020 – 28,270.

All sectors, except farming, fishing and forestry, are projected to show increases during the decade. The farming, fishing and forestry sector is expected to decline nearly 3 percent during the decade to 1,140 jobs.

The information is produced by the Labor Department to help students and jobseekers make career and educational decisions, a news release about the report said. The decadelong report is updated every other year.

For more information go the Hawaii Workforce Infonet website at www.hiwi.org.