MECO logo traditional, modern combo

Maui Electric Co. and other Hawaiian Electric companies have a new logo that company officials say represents their island roots and commitment to “developing a better energy future for Hawaii.”

Developed by Hilo designer Sig Zane, the logo combines traditional Hawaiian design elements with a modern look, according to an announcement. Zane worked on the design with the help of his wife, cultural expert Nalani Kanaka’ole, and their son, Kuha’o.

“From the very beginning, when King Kalakaua pioneered electricity at Iolani Palace and chartered Hawaiian Electric, the company has played a key role in Hawaii’s growth,” Zane said. “We wanted to create a design that captures that history and reflects the way the company connects our communities.”

In the coming months, customers will begin to see the new logo on company websites, signs, vehicles, uniforms, ID badges and mailings, according to an announcement. To save costs, the logo will be phased in gradually through the normal course of business. For example, existing inventories of materials will be used before replacement items with the new logo are ordered, the company said.

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