OHA chairwoman on the mend after suffering a stroke

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chairwoman Colette Machado continued recovering Friday afternoon at The Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, a week after she collapsed outside the state Capitol.

Machado reportedly collapsed Nov. 1 after testifying before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Finance Committee against the controversial same-sex marriage bill, Senate Bill 1.

Machado had suffered a stroke, but “not a major stroke,” an OHA spokesman told The Maui News on Friday morning.

“It happened (last) Friday evening, but I talked to her on the phone Sunday and she sounded like herself,” Garett Kamemoto said. “It was less than 48 hours after and she was talking on the phone and walking around the hospital.”

Doctors were exercising an “abundance of caution” in keeping Machado in the hospital for more than a week, he said. Medical staff at Queens have been running tests “to make sure it’s not going to recur,” he added.

Machado was given a certain medication immediately after collapsing that, if administered within three hours of having a stroke, gives the patient a very good chance of avoiding any lasting, long-term effects, Kamemoto said.

As of Friday, it was unknown when Machado was expected to be released from the hospital.