Alleged threats to mother prompt arrest

WAILUKU – A little more than a month after he was placed on probation for threatening his mother, a Lahaina man was arrested on a charge of violating a temporary restraining order by allegedly threatening her again.

Eric Stroeve, 46, is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail after being charged with two counts of violating a temporary restraining order.

He was arrested Sunday, a day after he was served at 9:30 a.m. Saturday with the order requiring him to leave the family residence in Lahaina. A few minutes later, at 9:36 a.m. Saturday, Stroeve and his mother were driving in opposite directions when their vehicles passed, and he made a slashing motion across his throat while pointing and looking at her, police said. At 7:20 that night, he was seen pulling into and parking in his mother’s driveway, according to police.

In court Thursday afternoon, Deputy Public Defender Jim Rouse asked that Stroeve be freed on supervision, despite a bail study report recommending no release.

“Eric is adamant in his innocence in this case,” Rouse said.

Deputy Prosecutor Kenton Werk asked for no release for Stroeve, saying he has no residence and no verified employment.

“He was served with the restraining order, and he immediately goes and threatens the person who’s supposed to be protected,” Werk said. “He had just been sentenced for first-degree terroristic threatening of the same victim. She’s terrified of the prospect he will actually follow through.

“He’s already not reporting to probation as ordered.”

Second Circuit Judge Richard Bissen said that the $3,000 bail amount was reasonable. He ordered that if Stroeve posts bail, he must not consume alcohol or illegal drugs and must report for random testing. Stroeve also was ordered to comply with any protective or restraining orders against him.

On Nov. 15, Stroeve was placed on five years’ probation for first-degree terroristic threatening of his mother in a phone message. He had spent more than a year in jail before being released in August after the prosecution dismissed an attempted murder charge against Stroeve.

Police reported finding five types of hammers, a crescent wrench and a dumbbell when they went to the family’s residence April 4, 2012, to serve Stroeve with a warning citation to leave the home. He reportedly told a police officer that he was going to use the tools to “bash in” the heads of his mother and stepfather.