Clean energy initiative to inform, educate Mauians

The JUMPSmartMaui Innovation Center, which aims to inform and educate Mauians about clean energy, was blessed Monday at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center.

The center, presented by Hitachi, will have educational videos and displays, including a Maui Energy Timeline that chronicles milestones from the first electric lights to the JUMPSmartMaui electric vehicle DC Fast Charger stations.

Maui County students also will be able to submit videos as part of the “Maui Clean Energy Series.” This video series will cover a variety of topics from “What is the history of wind and solar energy on Maui?” to “What is a smart grid?” The videos will run for a month at the center.

Future plans for the Innovation Center include offering free energy workshops, a speaker series and educational programs for teachers and students.

The JUMPSmartMaui project is a collaborative demonstration project between Japan and Hawaii that incorporates a smart grid, renewable energy and EV solutions to achieve a cleaner energy future for the island, a news release about the event said.

The JUMPSmart Maui project aims to improve integration of variable renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind power, and to prepare the electric system for widespread adoption of EVs.

For more information, go to the website, email or call the Maui Economic Development Board at 875-2300.