Hale Makua sites meet national goals ahead of schedule

Hale Makua’s Wailuku and Kahului facilities have attained at least half of the four national quality goals set by the American Health Care Association ahead of schedule.

The two facilities were among 19 skilled nursing facilities statewide that met or exceeded at least one of four goals in the initial year of the AHCA Quality Initiative, a national effort focused on reducing hospital readmissions, nursing staff turnover and antipsychotic medications, as well as increasing customer satisfaction, Healthcare Association of Hawaii said.

The AHCA Quality Initiative, announced in 2012, aims to improve the lives of individuals receiving care in skilled nursing facilities by setting measurable goals in four key areas of quality of care:

* Safely reducing hospital readmissions within 30 days of a skilled nursing stay by 15 percent by March 2015.

* Reducing nursing staff turnover by 15 percent by March 2015.

* Increasing customer satisfaction by having 90 percent of residents and families willing to recommend their center to others by March 2015.

* Safely reducing the off-label use of antipsychotics by 15 percent by the end of this year.

Hale Makua Kahului has achieved three of the goals related to rehospitalizations, antipsychotic medications and staff stability, said Adria Estribou, communications manager for Healthcare Association of Hawaii.

Hale Makua Wailuku has achieved two goals related to antipsychotic medications and staff stability, she said.

“Skilled nursing facilities across Hawaii are focused on improving quality, but these providers have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment by meeting our goals well ahead of schedule,” said George W. Greene, president and chief executive officer of Healthcare Association of Hawaii. “These member facilities are setting the example for the rest of the state and the country on how to ensure person-centered care for our seniors and individuals with disabilities.”

For more information about the AHCA Quality Initiative, go to the website qualityinitiative. ahcancal.org.

The Healthcare Association of Hawaii, organized in 1939, consists of 125 member organizations, including all of the acute care hospitals in Hawaii, the majority of skilled nursing facilities, all the Medicare-certified home health agencies, all hospice programs and other health care organizations.