Sticks and stones

FIRST PHOTO: Kamehameha Schools Maui 8th-grader Anela Greig, 13, tosses an ‘ulu maika stone through a pair of sticks in the ground Saturday while volunteering to share the ancient Hawaiian sport with visitors to the Bailey House Museum’s E Pulama Mau ‘O Maui fundraising concert.

SECOND PHOTO: Anela celebrates after an ‘ulu maika stone rolls through a pair of sticks. She and sister Isabelle, 9, demonstrated the process and also taught others how to roll the rounded, well-crafted stones. “I volunteered to do this because it is something I really like to do,” Anela said. “It’s hard. It’s a challenge to see if you can make it go through.”

THIRD PHOTO: Isabelle holds an ‘ulu maika stone Saturday.