No major rescues, damage despite high surf

Maui County officials reported no major ocean rescues or shoreline damage due to the high surf pounding the north shores of Maui and the north and west shores of Molokai on Wednesday and Thursday.

There was a major traffic jam through Paia that reached as far as Stable Road on the Kahului side of Hana Highway, likely the result of people heading to see the big surf, said county spokesman Rod Antone on Thursday.

There was a crowd of spectators at the internationally famous surf spot “Jaws” in Peahi at dawn Thursday as big-wave surfers tangled with the 30- to 40-foot waves.

The National Weather Service said late Thursday that the swell was expected to decline, with the high-surf warning ending at 6 a.m. today.

A much smaller northwest swell that could reach low-end warning levels late today and Saturday is expected to build today, according to the weather service.

The forecast for today for Maui is mostly clear with highs ranging from 77 to 82 degrees and lows from 62 to 67. Winds will be variable, about 15 mph.