Pot-laced cookies are not recipe for success — judge

WAILUKU – A Makawao woman was ordered to pay $1,000 in fines after she was arrested for selling cookies laced with marijuana and chocolates containing psychoactive mushrooms at Makena State Park.

“Marijuana-infused cookies is not a recipe for success,” 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo told Kathleen Sheehan. “You did sell at a very, very public place.”

Sheehan, 50, was placed on four years’ probation as part of her sentence imposed Friday.

Loo said she was following a plea agreement recommending no jail for Sheehan. But the judge denied Sheehan’s request for a chance to keep the convictions off her record.

Sheehan had pleaded no contest to two counts of promoting a controlled substance at a public park.

She was arrested after selling the cookies and chocolates to an undercover police officer on April 22, 2012, at the park, said Deputy Prosecutor Tracy Jones.

“This was a successful undercover operation by the Maui Police Department to address drug activity in our parks,” Jones said.

She said Sheehan, who introduced herself as Kat in the Hat, told police that the chocolates containing psilocybin mushrooms had been given to her by a hitchhiker. She described making the cookies, which contained the active ingredient for marijuana, Jones said.

She said it wasn’t hard for the undercover officer to walk up to Sheehan and buy the chocolates and cookies, which were in her backpack. Police also found nearly $1,000 on Sheehan, Jones said.

“She was there with a supply that was offered for sale,” Jones said. “She took this all very casually.”

Defense attorney Matthew Nardi said the experience had been traumatic for Sheehan.

“She had allowed herself to become somewhat naive about the seriousness of what she was doing,” Nardi said. “A lot of people at Little Beach are similarly fooling themselves.”

He said Sheehan wanted to pursue working with developmentally disabled children.

“At the time of my arrest, I did not fully understand the seriousness that I put myself in,” Sheehan said in court. “Looking back, I realize how foolish I was for not realizing the potential consequences of my actions. I now know what I was doing is simply not tolerated and is very serious.”

Jones said the law that Sheehan broke was enacted by the Legislature so people, including families and children, could enjoy public parks free of drug dealing.

Loo noted that Sheehan was found with the chocolates, marijuana cigarettes and 40 marijuana cookies. Sheehan described in detail to police how she had extracted the active ingredient from the marijuana to make the cookies, Loo said.

“It was illegal behavior,” Loo said. “I don’t like people polluting our beaches with illegal behavior. I don’t think anybody does.”

Sheehan was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs, including medical marijuana. She was ordered not to enter Makena State Park.

* Lila Fujimoto can be reached at lfujimoto@mauinews.com.