Sweet treat for recovery feat

First photo: Francis Tom and granddaughter Hope Emmanuel, 6, share a tub of snow ice from the Snow Factory in Wailuku on Tuesday afternoon. Snow ice is a Taiwanese dessert with a Hawaiian twist – fresh fruit and flavorings. Owner Steve Kuapahi said it is “shaved like shave ice, creamy like ice cream and tastes like frozen cotton candy.”

The process was developed on Oahu, where there are four stores. Kuapahi also owns a Snow Factory in Kihei near Longs on South Kihei Road. “It’s ice cream without the guilt,” Kuapahi said.

Second photo: Miwa Kuapahi serves a snow ice to very deserving Mississippi visitor Don Holland Tuesday at the Snow Factory in Wailuku. Holland, who was still sporting a dirty shirt and Band-aid over his left eyebrow, said earlier in the day he passed out while taking a break from hiking on the Lahaina-Pali Trail with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. Due to the rough terrain, he had to be flown out by helicopter. After he was released from the emergency room, his wife spotted the Snow Factory as they drove by on Main Street. “It couldn’t get any worse,” Holland said with a smile before digging in to his treat.