Water department will correct billing error

Water customers in Wailuku and parts of Kula may have been overcharged in their January water bill due to an error in the new computer billing system, the Department of Water Supply said Tuesday.

Customers in other areas were not affected.

The overcharge is between $8 and $10 on the monthly meter fee, the water department said. The correction will be made in billings in the next couple of months.

The error was discovered Friday when the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, which provides billing services, advised the water department of the problem, the department said.

Steps have been taken to correct the error, the water department said.

“We are fortunate to discover the problem early on and apologize for any inconvenience to those customers who are affected. Our staff will be reviewing all affected accounts and making the correction within the next few billing cycles,” said water Director Dave Taylor.

“We would like to ask customers for their patience and to watch their water bills for the next couple months,” he continued. “If there is an overbilling error, they will see a correction on the bill.”

Customers who do not see corrections within the next two to three months should call the department’s Fiscal Customer Service line at 270-7730.