Report: 210K gallons of spilled wastewater

A total of 210,509 gallons of wastewater spills were reported in Maui County in 2013, according to a required report by the county Department of Environmental Management Wastewater Reclamation Division.

There were a total of 18 spills – nine in Wailuku, eight in Kihei and one in Lahaina – the report said.

The largest spill occurred Nov. 18 and involved 142,361 gallons of raw sewage at Kihei pump station No. 6. The spill was attributed to a mechanical failure, and the spill did reach storm drains but not the ocean.

The next largest spill was on May 7 in Lahaina, when a contractor ruptured a sewer line, spilling 28,500 gallons of raw sewage into an excavation pit and a waterway on Front Street. No wastewater reached the ocean.

The report was generated per a consent decree filed in 1999 related to the Clean Water Act. The consent decree resulted after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Health filed two lawsuits against the county over violations.

The consent decree also required the submission of quarterly reports to the EPA and the state Health Department, showing steps taken by the county to implement goals in the consent decree. This is the 58th quarterly report submitted.

The report cites as major accomplishments for the period October to December:

* Completion of a force main replacement in Kihei, a $347,000 project, and sewer line replacement on Mill Street in Lahaina, a $284,000 project.

* The awarding of a $777,000 force main replacement project in Lahaina to MEI Corp. Work is expected to begin early this year.

* Regarding the fats, oil and grease control program, the report said the county completed 210 annual inspections of restaurants. All operational facilities in the county were inspected in 2013.

* Flushing of of 73,901 feet of line, meeting the annual goal of 210,744 feet of system flushing.

Quarterly report No. 58 and all previous reports are available for review at the Wastewater Reclamation Division office, 2200 Main St., Suite 610, Wailuku.

The current quarterly report may be found on the county website at Under “Departments,”

select “Environmental Management,” “Wastewater Division” then “Current Wastewater Reports and Notifications.”

For more information, contact Scott Rollins of the Wastewater Reclamation Division at 270-7417.

* Lee Imada can be reached at