Students reach for the stars

FIRST PHOTO: Maui High School juniors Christopher Kim, 16, (left) and Matthew Sturm, 17, share their findings with Molokai’s Kimberly Svetin during Thursday’s 55th annual Maui Schools’ Science & Engineering Fair at the Velma McWayne Santos Community Center in Wailuku. Their project is titled “Observational Detection of Solar G-Mode Oscillations Using Doppler Velocity Signals.” Their project won the Best Senior Division, Intel Excellence in Computer Science, Mu Alpha Theta, U.S. Metric Association and Yale Science & Engineering Association awards. Kim and Sturm and Molokai High School’s Sarah Jenkins will represent Maui County at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. Jenkins’ project was “Hot Biology Hawaiian Coot.” It won the RICOH award.

SECOND PHOTO: Home-schooled 8th-grader Celeste Jongeneelen, 14, explains how she hopes that her project “Disk-O Stars, Part 2” may contribute to helping prove the theory that spinning, giant stars cause hydrogen disks to form. Jongeneelen won the award for Best Junior Division project.