Visitors warn Maui students to get enough rest

FIRST PHOTO: Matt Uhles, director of Clayton Sleep Institute, talks about the benefits of sleep to the Maui High School student body Friday afternoon in the school gym. Uhles said research shows that teenagers should have an average of nine to 10 hours of sleep a day to function at their maximum. He said many students are so sleep deprived that their bodies and minds behave as if they were inebriated.

SECOND PHOTO: Kerrie Warne, founder of the TyRRED Foundation in St. Louis, shares the story of her son, a senior in high school, who died when he drove off an embankment, rolled his car and hit a tree in 2010. Warne charged the Maui High students to make better decisions concerning distracted and drowsy driving and to recognize the signs when other people are too tired to drive. The foundation was born out of the tragedy to help cope with her loss and to try to raise awareness about drowsy driving. She also spoke at Moanalua High School on Oahu on Wednesday.