Broken pelvis puts Baisa out of commission

Maui County Council Chairwoman Gladys Baisa was recovering Friday at Maui Memorial Medical Center after she fractured her pelvis in two places on Wednesday as she was rushing from one meeting to another, she said Friday.

Baisa said that she was scheduled to be transferred to Hale Makua in Kahului later in the day. The Kahului facility will allow her to participate in physical therapy so she can be up and walking again.

Baisa will be joining council Vice Chairman Robert Carroll at Hale Makua, who is recovering from a post-surgery sore found earlier this year.

“It’s an annoying kind of injury,” Baisa said of her accident. “There is nothing they can do about it. It’s something that will take time.”

She said the fracture is “very common” and that it should heal by itself. She said she hopes to return to full council duties as soon as she is able to get “past the pain” and easily able to get in and out of a wheelchair. Optimistically, she expects to be away from her full duties for about two weeks.

But she will attend a campaign fundraiser Wednesday.

“We are going to have a party one way or another,” Baisa said.

Baisa said that she injured herself when she was not paying attention while walking down some stairs. She asks that flowers not be sent because she is allergic. She asks people to save their money or make a donation to a needy cause instead.

Council Member Mike Victorino is scheduled to chair the Maui County Council meeting Tuesday.

He was appointed as the council’s presiding officer pro tempore in June and is the next in line to preside over meetings if the council chairwoman or vice chairman are absent.

Carroll is recovering from a post-appendectomy complication from his surgery in April.

Carroll said that after this past New Year’s holiday he was running a fever and doctors found out it was because of a sore related to the surgery. He has physically been away from his office since around Jan. 14.

But Carroll said that he has been able to do most of his work via phone and with the help of his executive assistant, Morris Haole, who visits him every morning at Hale Makua. He also thanked his other assistant, Gary Saldana, as well as the Council Services staff for their assistance.

Carroll said that his only limitation is not being able to attend council meetings or meet with other council members because that would violate the state’s Sunshine Law.

But if the surgery-related sore continues to heal well, Carroll said he hopes to return soon to his council office in Wailuku for half days, several times a week.

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