Jail time in ‘vicious attack’ on brothers

WAILUKU – A Haiku man was ordered to spend 30 consecutive weekends in jail for his part in what was described as a “vicious attack” on two brothers at a Haiku residence last year.

Steven Sarol, 27, was placed on five years’ probation as part of his sentence imposed Feb. 20.

Deputy Public Defender Gene Evans said that Sarol wasn’t the one wielding the pipe that injured the brothers but was charged as an accomplice after he went to the house on Waikina Loop with two friends in the early-morning hours of April 12.

Sarol’s friends had gotten into a confrontation at the house earlier that night.

“Steven, unfortunately, chose to go with them back to the place of the earlier confrontation,” Evans said. “And then he made another bad decision when he actually got involved in the confrontation.

“For his efforts in mistakenly trying to help out his friends, he got stabbed several times in the back with an arrow.”

In court, Sarol said he was wrong to have gone to the house. But he said he knew one of the residents and thought he could “make sure everything was one on one.”

He said he got involved to try to break up the fight after seeing one brother douse his friend with Mace.

Deputy Prosecutor Jerrie Sheppard said the two men who went back to the house took Sarol with them “as their additional muscle.”

“This was a fairly vicious attack by people who were angry at the residents of the house,” she said.

Sheppard said someone had brought a metal stake that was being used to assault one brother, who was trapped under the porch of the house. The other brother, who was on top of the porch, got an arrow and warned Sarol to stop beating the brother before stabbing Sarol in the back, Sheppard said. When the assault continued, she said, the brother again stabbed Sarol in the back.

“It wasn’t until the other two culprits were sprayed in the face with bear spray and went crawling into bushes that the defendant stopped,” Sheppard said.

She said Sarol ran away and was arrested at his house.

Sarol had pleaded no contest to second-degree assault.

Second Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza, who followed a plea agreement in sentencing Sarol, ordered that he begin the weekends in jail Feb. 21.

Sarol was ordered to pay $74 in restitution with co-defendants Gaius Awong, 23, and Logan Brown Silverstein, 24. Sarol also was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs.

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