Suspect held in case involving mail tampering

An off-duty officer, who saw a woman placing papers in a newspaper box and driving away, helped fellow officers arrest a 41-year-old Haiku woman whom a prosecutor said is suspected of stealing mail in various locations around the island.

On Tuesday, Maui police said Davelynn Mahi was being held at Maui Community Correctional Center on $330,000 bail on charges, including second-degree theft, theft of a credit card, fraudulent use of a credit card, unauthorized possession of confidential personal information and outstanding warrants.

The off-duty officer was in a Kahului residential area March 9 and became suspicious after seeing Mahi placing papers in the newspaper box and driving away. He looked in the newspaper box and found numerous pieces of mail that did not belong to Mahi, police said.

Wailuku Patrol officers were called to conduct an investigation. Mahi was later located driving a red sedan, and police officers conducted a traffic stop, police said.

During the stop, officers noticed a large pile of mail on the floor of the vehicle, police said. Mahi was arrested and charged with six counts of unauthorized possession of confidential information and one count of credit card theft for the mail that was initially found in the newspaper box.

Mahi was released after posting $75,000 bail, police said.

The mail found on the floor of the vehicle is still being investigated, police said.

On March 12, police investigators received information that Mahi had stolen a debit card in a previous case. An all-points bulletin was issued for Mahi, and on Thursday, police located Mahi at the Maui Beach Hotel.

Coinciding with Mahi’s arrest, Maui Meadows residents have reported their mail missing, torn open and stuffed in other people’s mailboxes over the past two weeks.

Mahi has already made court appearances for at least one case stemming from a Feb. 9 incident, also involving mail theft.