Lunar eclipse a sight to behold

The moon played hide-and-seek between the clouds in the skies above Central Maui on Monday night. As the time for the total eclipse neared at about 9 p.m., the veil of clouds cleared for a moment to reveal a reddish, orange moon. This photo was taken at Waiehu Terrace on Monday. This is the first of a tetrad, four consecutive total eclipses with no partial ones in between. The next one will be in October, followed by another in April 2015 and finally in September 2015. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes within the Earth’s shadow. The reddish, orange color is due to Rayleigh scattering, the same effect that causes sunsets to appear reddish, and the refraction of light by the Earth’s atmosphere. Some call this the “blood moon,” a signal of major change to come.