Looking to the future

FIRST PHOTO: University of Hawaii Maui College sustainable science management sophomore Paul John Castillo (from left) explains the workings of his “AquaPVonics” project to nursing students Brennan Makuakane and Alex Calma on Friday afternoon during the Innovation Day 2014 conference in the Kaaike Building.

SECOND PHOTO: Castillo and two fellow students developed the photovoltaic-powered system for growing Manoa lettuce and food-grade catfish with micro-scale aquaponics. The solar panels generate electricity to run pumps that circulate the nutrient-rich water through the potting material and the fish tank in a loop. “Technology and science create the future,” Castillo said.

THIRD PHOTO: UH-Maui College engineering technology sophomore Ian Duncan explains the binary decimal converter he built along with two other students.