Students get courtroom experience

FIRST PHOTO: Wailuku Elementary School 5th-grader Erin Taketa (left), filling the role of public defender, questions a witness during a mock trial Friday morning in the courtroom of 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo. Defense attorney Andrew Martin helped Erin and her classmates through the scenario involving the theft of iPods at the school. Next to Martin are Jayden Bartolome, who played the defendant, and Kiana Holokai, who was bailiff.

SECOND PHOTO: Alec Tolentino prepares to be sworn in as a witness during Friday’s mock trial. Lucas Engh took on the role of judge for the case.

THIRD PHOTO: Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo and her judicial assistant, Nadine Gomes, help Wailuku Elementary School 5th-grader Connor Kong prepare for his role as courtroom clerk. Connor and his classmates filled courtroom roles including prosecutor, public defender, defendant, judge and jury for the case involving the theft of iPods at the school.