Whalers Village gets EV charging stations

Volta Industries LLC has opened two electric vehicle charging stations at the Whalers Village in Kaanapali, the company announced Thursday.

Volta’s new stations, which are free to use, are located at the main entrance of the shopping center’s parking garage in two stalls on each side near the pedestrian walkway.

Volta designs, installs and maintains EV charging stations. The stations are rated 30A and provide about 20 to 25 miles’ worth of range per hour of charging, the Volta announcement said.

Level 2 chargers generally take four to eight hours to fully charge an EV vehicle, according to a Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance report.

Local companies purchase a sponsorship of stations, which showcase the sponsor on both the front and back of the charging kiosk. At Whalers Village, Maui’s Browning family is the first sponsor to launch with Volta.

Volta operates the Volta Network with nearly 70 free EV charging stations in Hawaii, California and Arizona.

“EV drivers on Maui have expressed that they want more stations,” said Arden Penton, director of media and operations for Volta. “We’re actively scouting potential sites and exploring further properties to install. By providing a free service, we hope that the local community will see that going electric is actually possible.”

Lisa Donlon, Whalers Village marketing manager, said her property can be “a prime location” for charging up EVs on the west side and “provides excellent visibility to help raise awareness about the growing use of electric cars on Maui.”

According to state figures, there were 441 electric cars on Maui and 2,450 electric cars statewide as of April.

For more information about Volta, go to the website www.voltacharging.com or call (888) 264-2208.