Drivers reminded law requires that loads be covered

The majority of trucks that visited the Central Maui and Hana landfills on a recent Saturday were in violation of Hawaii’s uncovered truck law.

Malama Maui Nui, in partnership with Maui County and the Maui Police Department, held uncovered truck law demonstrations at the landfills June 28. The demonstrations are held periodically throughout the year to educate residents of the safety and environmental hazards that occur when rubbish, recyclables and other debris fly out of uncovered truck beds.

By state law, any vehicle traveling on a highway must have its loads of loose paper, rubbish, plastic, empty cartons, dirt, sand or gravel entirely covered to prevent any piece from flying from the vehicle, according to a news release.

Out of 307 vehicles that visited the Central Maui Landfill during the three-hour demonstration, 233 vehicles were in violation. In Hana, 18 out of 32 vehicles were in violation.

Because the event was an educational one, no one was cited.

First-time violators of the law can expect a fine of $250 to $500. A second violation, if cited within a year after the first, delivers a fine of between $500 and $750, plus suspension of the vehicle registration and/or license of the driver for at least five working days.

“The number of vehicles not in compliance on this single day really calls attention to the fact that people just do not know about the law,” said Malama Maui Nui Executive Director John P. de Jesus.

Drivers are encouraged to cover their loads by using cargo nets, bungees, tarps, sheets or rope to keep items secure.

For more information on the law and what types of cargo need to be covered, call Malama Maui Nui at 877-2524 or visit