PALS planning pays off at Ho‘olaulea

First photo: Lihikai Summer PALS Director Eric Sodetani delights the crowd as he and his charges get their groove on. This year, more than 2,000 children and 300 staff participated in the summer program run by the county Department of Parks and Recreation’s Recreation and Support Services Division. The annual Ho’olaulea brings keiki and staff from sites all over the island to perform dance routines that usually include a bit of culture and a dose of comedy. Sodetani said members of his crew worked hard to prepare for their big performance. “We started planning from the very beginning,” he said. Summer PALS concludes Friday.

Second photo: Summer PALS keiki from the Mayor Eddie Tam Memorial Complex perform the hula “Ulupalakua” at the War Memorial Gym on Friday morning during the annual Summer PALS Ho’olaulea.